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Better sleep with SleepHub® home - a simple and easy way to improve your natural sleep quality.

SleepHub® home is a bedside sleep aid which re-trains the brain to sleep optimally using ground-breaking neuroscience and sound technology.

Created for those who want to overcome sleep problems such as insomnia, or improve their sleep for better physical and mental performance.

SleepHub® home is backed by over 10 years of scientific research and development by Cambridge Sleep Sciences, along with acclaimed customer & press reviews.

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  • Backed by 10+ years of research
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What is SleepHub®?

SleepHub® is an electronic bedside sleep device designed to aid falling asleep and improve sleep quality.
Powered by the SleepEngineTM technology created by Cambridge Sleep Sciences, SleepHub® was developed to train your brain to adopt healthy sleeping patterns - the basis for mental, physical and cognitive wellbeing.
Dr Julian Stone, CEO, Cambridge Sleep Sciences

“With increasingly demanding lifestyles and everyday worries, the brain can gradually fall out of sync with natural sleep cycles. By understanding the science behind a good night’s sleep, we have been able to develop a product that helps the brain return to those natural sleep cycles and improve health and wellbeing.”

Dr Julian Stone, CEO, Cambridge Sleep Sciences
Revolutionary approach to sleep science

Revolutionary approach to sleep science

You’ve likely tried white-noise sound machines and apps. SleepHub® is neither of these.

SleepHub® is the culmination of 10+ years of scientific research and development by a UK-based collective of doctors and scientists - Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd. SleepHub® is a unique device using SleepEngineTM technology, which reproduces natural brain waves. This revolutionary approach helps to retrain your brain and restore natural sleep patterns.

Key features of SleepHub®

Key features of SleepHub®

  • Backed by 10+ years of research and development
  • Uses SleepEngineTM technology to retrain the brain to restore natural sleep patterns
  • Helps to fix sleep issues, not mask them
  • 4 sleep modes to achieve optimal sleep
  • Bluetooth-enabled