Introducing Cambridge Sleep Sciences

SleepHub® is a unique science based sleep aid developed by Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd.

We understand the importance of good sleep and the vital role it plays in our overall health and wellbeing. It is our mission to improve quality of life through the power of better sleep.

We do this by working with leading scientists, medical experts, specialist practitioners, businesses and sports professionals, charities and membership bodies to research, develop and create innovative products which combine both sleep-focused science and technology.

Dr Chris Dickson - Executive Chairman

Dr Chris Dickson
Executive Chairman

Dr Julian Stone - Chief Executive Officer

Dr Julian Stone
Chief Executive Officer

Experts in sleep, science & sound

Cambridge Sleep Sciences was founded by an experienced team of talented people with passion and energy. Cambridge Sleep Sciences are committed to deliver the vision of improving the quality of life for all by harnessing the power of natural sleep.

Find out more about the company behind SleepHub® in this video.

Sleephub Device

SleepHub®: More than 10 years in the making

There is science behind a good night’s sleep, so we started a scientific journey to discover the secrets of sleeping well.

Our journey was long and complex. We began exploring the correlation between sound and the different waves the brain produces as it moves through sleep cycles.

Illustrative photograph: Scientists studying wave patterns

Research, testing and development

Following 10 years of research, testing and development led by experts in sound and sleep sciences, we identified how to re-train the brain to revert to healthy, natural sleep cycles using audible beats and pulses.

Illustrative Photograph: Sleeping woman

Once we understood the science, developed the sound technology and conducted trials, it was then a case of pairing it with the right concept to bring it to life in a practical device that people could use at home. Working with consumer technology experts, we created a sleep aid that addresses the age-old issue of sleeplessness or poor quality sleep. And so, SleepHub® was born.

Want to know more about the science behind SleepHub®?

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Re-energising the world through better sleep

SleepHub® is a science-powered product designed to help restore natural sleep. Many products on the market mask sleep issues, such as insomnia.

SleepHub® uses a unique and effective combination of science, sound and technology to target the underlying principal causes of insomnia and poor sleep patterns that can lead to a range of health problems, including mental health, heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd are based in the UK and are part of the Life Sciences division of The Barkby Group Plc.