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Last summer, we waved farewell to Andy, our Head of Marketing, as he set off on his jollies – I mean, travelled on a very important business trip –...
“How much?! For a white noise machine?” I hear you cry. Well, you wouldn’t be the first to mistake SleepHub® for a regular run of the mill white noise generator. But what if I told you there's a sleep solution that can help improve the quality of your sleep, and not just mask out distracting ambient noises? 

SleepHub® creators Cambridge Sleep Sciences (CSS) created the unique SleepHub® sound technology to help people improve the quality and quantity of their sleep, and we are not alone in that mission.

We got together with Lisa Artis, the deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity, who gave us a unique window on the current landscape of sleep (and our need for more of it!) as we head into 2022.

Read our interview with Lisa and learn how The Sleep Charity are doing amazing work in supporting adults, children, teachers, people in the workplace, and just about everyone, to get better sleep!

  The development of the SleepHub® Sleep Sounds was founded on the scientific principal that sound can influence our brain activity. In this artic...
With life events, such as having children, the brain can gradually fall out of sync with natural sleep cycles. SleepHub® is a sleep aid device that helps your brain return to your natural sleep cycles. Having children can have a real impact on your sleep pa
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