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Restore natural sleep patterns and optimise sleep with SleepHub®

SleepHub® uses exclusive neuroscience and sound technology to retrain your brain to sleep better. Backed by 10+ years of scientific research and development.

Who is SleepHub® for?

SleepHub® has been created by scientists for people who:

Suffer with insomnia & other sleep problems
Suffer with insomnia & other sleep problems
Work shifts, have young children or travel internationally
Work shifts, have young children or travel internationally
Want to optimise their sleep for better physical & mental performance
Want to optimise their sleep for better physical & mental performance

SleepHub® can help you...

SleepHub® can help you...
Fix sleep issues, not mask them
Feel more relaxed at bedtime
Drift to sleep easier and quicker
Wake less frequently
Get back to sleep quicker if you do wake up
Feel more refreshed when you get up
Feel more energised throughout the day

Our customers have transformed their sleep with SleepHub®

Not only has SleepHub® helped our community to sleep better, but it’s transformed their every day lives. See what our customers say about SleepHub® below:

How SleepHub® works


Scientific sounds

Positioned beside you as you sleep, SleepHub’s® high-quality audio speakers play scientifically developed sound waves. These sleep sounds emulate brain activity that occurs during healthy sleep cycles.


Brain retrains

SleepHub® sleep sounds will help you fall asleep and guide you through natural sleep patterns, improving sleep quality and correcting poor sleep habits.


Practice makes perfect

Regular and repeated use of your SleepHub® will help to retrain your brain to produce the right sleep sequence and restore sleeping patterns naturally.


Sleep is optimised

It’s the dream, right? Good sleep, over time, is very powerful. Reaching a level of optimised sleep will not only bring a wealth of wellbeing benefits to your everyday life, but cognitive and physical health benefits too.

Buy with confidence

60-day sleep guarantee - if you don’t get your sleep back, you can claim your money back
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“With increasingly demanding lifestyles and everyday worries, the brain can gradually fall out of sync with natural sleep cycles. By understanding the science behind a good night’s sleep, we have been able to develop a product that helps the brain return to those natural sleep cycles and improves health and wellbeing,”
Dr Julian Stone, CEO, Cambridge Sleep Sciences

Talking about SleepHub®

SleepHub® and our creators Cambridge Sleep Sciences are proud to have coverage in the media:

SleepHub® is the innovative sleep device researched and developed by Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd. We created SleepHub® to help you get the quality sleep you need.

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