SleepHub® is NOT a White Noise Machine.

Why SleepHub® works differently to a white noise generator (and how it does more for your sleep quality!).

Written by Vicky Foreman. 24 January 2022.

“How much?! For a white noise machine?” I hear you cry. Well, you wouldn’t be the first to mistake SleepHub® for a regular run of the mill white noise generator. And who can blame you – white noise machines are widely available and hugely popular.

Because the SleepHub® sleep training technology is so unique, it is often misunderstood. I’m not white noise bashing here. On the contrary. White noise apps and generators can be effective at masking out distracting ambient sounds in your sleeping environment. You only have to search ‘white noise’ on YouTube to have your choice of 75,700,000 videos. It’s a thing.

SleepHub is not a white noise machine

But what if I told you there’s an even better sleep solution? A solution that will not only help you fall asleep, but also train you to sleep well - improving the quality of your sleep over time so you consistently wake feeling refreshed and energized. An invention that researchers, sound technologists and scientists have been working on for over a decade, but harnesses something humans have known for thousands of years - that certain sound frequencies can affect our brain activity. SleepHub® is an incredible invention that trains your brain to follow a healthy sleep pattern using the science of sound. And did I mention it works as you sleep?! Minimal effort from you! A game changer.

                 sleephub customer review - Ben

Sleephub sleep aid device

So why is SleepHub® different to a white noise machine?

In simple terms, white noise masks other distracting sounds in your environment – you know, annoying things that have the potential to startle you just as you’re drifting off - like traffic noise, your heating, the cats caterwauling outside - that sort of thing. So yeah, it’s pretty effective at drowning out those sounds which goes some way to help your brain relax and feel ready to sleep and less likely to be startled awake (if you listen to one of those 8 hour white noise YouTube vids!).

SleepHub® uses neuroscience and exclusive sound technology to actually help improve the quality of your sleep. Scientists and researchers investigated how soundwaves can influence our brain activity, even when we’re asleep. By developing scientifically engineered soundwaves at the right frequencies and in a programmed order, they discovered it was possible to guide our brain through a text book sequence of sleep cycles and sleep stages.

With repeated and consistent use, SleepHub® can help train your brain to have quality sleep, allowing you to wake feeling refreshed and energized. I’m sure you’ll agree these benefits far exceed any white noise machine.

How SleepHub works to sleep train the brain

Hearing vs Listening

For SleepHub® to be effective at guiding us through healthy sleep cycles, we don’t even need to listen to the sound - the soundwaves just need to be received by our brain via the auditory pathways.

Colin Aston-James - the creator of the SleepHub® sound technology - recalls the early stages of developing the sleep sound technology;

“We started out using sounds from singing bowls and pan pipes which sounded lovely, but people were actually listening to those sounds. So we started using pure tones - it has to be as boring as possible so people don’t actually listen to it. The sound needs to disappear into the background for it to be effective.”

SleepHub sleep sound

Our brains follow rhythms and patterns in sound

Consider this; a marching band is walking in time to a drum beat. The drum beat changes pace – the marching band change their marching pace to match. Now the drum beat changes again, but the band are ordered to maintain their current marching pace. It’s pretty much impossible for them to keep in time when the beat has changed.

Marching in time to the beat: brain follows patterns in sound

It’s a scientific fact that our brains latch on to rhythms and patterns in sound. It likes to follow along and anticipate what comes next. Human nature. I’ll bet you can still remember all the words to ‘Morning Has Broken’ and all those other primary school favourites! Nursery rhymes learnt in childhood can likely be recalled in adult life. That’ll be your amazing brain following and remembering the rhythms, all these years later.

Remembering rhymes and song from childhood

Sound frequencies can influence brain activity

Colin Aston-James comments, “By harnessing the brain’s natural response to certain sound frequencies, SleepHub® guides the brain through good quality sleep cycles in the correct order, thus helping with falling asleep, staying asleep and waking feeling refreshed”

He adds, “We're only just beginning to uncover some of the health applications and benefits possible with this sound technology.”Brain follows patterns in sound

What’s happening in our brains when we’re asleep?

Let’s rewind for a moment. It’s useful to know a little about what’s going on inside our brains when we sleep. During a typically good nights’ sleep, our brain moves through five cycles of sleep. Within each cycle, specific sleep stages and electrical patterns of brain waves occur. These frequencies – measured in hertz (Hz) are predominantly Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Remarkably, in adults over the age of 22, sleep data shows that normal and healthy human sleep cycles are remarkably similar, with sleep stages consistently in a specific sequence and correct order.

Sleep cycles brain activity

When sleep issues arise – like having trouble falling asleep or waking up for hours on end during the night – this is when our sleep cycles can fall out of whack and good sleep can escape us, turning into an elusive mythical creature that we struggle to regain. Anyone suffering with insomnia knows this struggle all too well.

It’s a common fact that behavior, when it’s repeated over time, becomes habitual. This is even true for our sleep behavior, as explained by Dr Julian Stone – CEO of Cambridge Sleep Sciences;

“With increasingly demanding lifestyles and everyday worries, the brain can gradually fall out of sync with natural sleep cycles. SleepHub® incrementally trains the user to build up good sleep behaviour, correcting poor sleep habits and replacing them with good sleep habits. Over time this can lead to sustained sleep improvement and optimised sleep patterns.”
Dr Julian Stone, CEO, Cambridge Sleep Sciences

Reverting to your natural sleep cycle is like training for any sport - the more often you let your brain ‘practice’ getting back into natural sleep patterns using SleepHub® the better your experience will be.

sleephub soundscape options

Fun fact: Did you know there are other colours of noise other than white noise? You may not have heard of brown noise and pink noise!

White noise fans need not be disappointed!

What’s really interesting is the SleepHub® sleep sounds aren’t meant to be ‘listened to’. They should be heard faintly but clearly, just on the cusp of your hearing. With that in mind, SleepHub® additionally has a choice of soundscapes to play in conjunction with the all-important sleep sounds. And of course, the ever-popular white noise does feature. (Yes I know I said SleepHub® isn’t a white noise machine…!) There’s also pink noise, brown noise, rain, train, wind, ocean waves and a trickling stream.

The optional soundscapes are a fantastic feature of SleepHub® as they really help to relax you and take your focus away from the sleep sounds.

SleepHub optional soundscapes to help mask distracting noises

Rave reviews

Don’t just take it from me. Here’s what SleepHub® customers say:

“For someone that finds it super hard to switch off, I’ve never slept so well since I started using SleepHub. I struggle to fall asleep especially when I am stressed. With SleepHub  it takes me no time at all to fall asleep and I sleep all the way through. I feel more energised, motivated and less stressed. I cannot recommend SleepHub enough, it has changed my life”.
– Matilda, SleepHub® customer

“I’m not a bad sleeper per se, but have a habit of waking up frequently, and I bought this product to see if it had an impact on my waking up. It is difficult to fully describe the impact, but put simply… IT WORKS. The Deep Sleep option for 8 hours is a revelation and SleepHub has now exposed just how poor my sleep cycles actually were. Many thanks to all the team at SleepHub”.
– Alex, SleepHub® customer

“I have been using SleepHub for a couple of months now and all I can say is, it is amazing! Not only do I sleep better but I also wake up feeling refreshed and focused for the day ahead. Everyone needs to try this, it’s genius!”
– Jessica, SleepHub® customer

SleepHub benefits

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