SleepHub®: How this unique sleep aid can help sports professionals optimise their sleep for better recovery

Sports stars regularly talk about the importance of getting good sleep and the right kind of rest. That’s where SleepHub® can help - blending neuroscience, technology and innovation in one sleep device that helps to optimise sleep - improving natural sleep quality in a simple, non-intrusive and effective way.

What is SleepHub®?

Good sleep doesn’t always come easily, especially if your circumstances mean your sleep is disrupted or irregular. Sports professionals often spend nights away from home or travel internationally, which can cause havoc with circadian rhythms. Disrupted sleeping patterns can cause the brain to fall out of sync with natural sleep cycles and cause us to ‘forget’ how to sleep well.

SleepHub® is a unique sleep training device created by scientists for those who want to improve their sleep for better physical and mental performance.

Positioned beside you as you sleep, SleepHub’s® high-quality audio speakers emulate brain activity that occurs during healthy sleep cycles. With repeated and regular use of SleepHub® your brain can learn to sleep well again.

This unique application of neuroscience and sound technology has been researched and developed over more than a decade by Cambridge Sleep Sciences and is heralded as the sleep solution for sports-minded people at all levels.

SleepHub technology black
Why is good quality sleep so important for physical performance?

Getting good quality sleep can aid both cognitive and physical performance. It is also essential for recovery from intense exercise. It’s no secret that sleep is one of the key pillars of fitness, and with more and more devices tracking the quality and quantity of sleep these days, sleep is becoming the number one focus to help achieve those marginal gains. There are, in fact, a whole host of benefits that better sleep can deliver.

Better sleep for better:

● Injury prevention
● Recovery
● Injury rehabilitation
● Glycogen stores
● Natural human growth hormone
● Testosterone
● Endurance
● Eating habits
● Weight management

“When your sleep is optimised your muscles will store the glycogen required for endurance activities such as running, cycling & swimming. Natural human growth hormone and testosterone will also increase - both are essential hormones for improving physical performance.”
Dr Chris Dickson
- Dr Chris Dickson, Cambridge Sleep Sciences

Whether you’re a full-time sports professional, an aspiring athlete or somebody who takes your physical performance and fitness seriously, sleep is the key to improving both your performance and your mindset.

SleepHub® reviews from sports & fitness professionals

 Will Addison Professional Rugby Player
Injury recovery
Will Addison, professional rugby player

Will Addison is a professional rugby player for Ulster Rugby and the Irish national team. As part of his recovery from a back injury, Will began to focus on optimising his sleep to aid his physical recovery. It was at this time that he began using a SleepHub® device as part of his sleep regime.

Two months in to using his SleepHub® device, and in combination with lighting his Recover Scents SIESTA candle as part of his sleep routine, Will has been able to see the benefits of optimising his sleep.

Will commented on his experience using SleepHub®;
“I'm really enjoying using SleepHub and it's really helping me to implement my sleep routine, which has been fantastic for me so far. I've had more energy in the mornings, I’ve probably felt I can eat better and improve my diet which is an added benefit and it’s meant I can go about my day to day business in a really positive way.”

You can watch Will’s full SleepHub® review here

James Rodwell Professional Rugby 7's player and coach
Improved energy levels
James Rodwell, Professional rugby 7’s player & coach

Professional rugby 7’s player & coach James Rodwell shared his feedback with us after 4 weeks of using his SleepHub® device;
“I’ve felt energised after using the SleepHub for 4 weeks. My energy levels improved and I’m able to get up more easily in the mornings. Emotionally I feel more levelled throughout the day and able to rationalise situations much better. I found the sound did take a little time to get used to, however it didn’t take long to adjust and quickly became part of my bed time routine. I think the SleepHub has benefited my sleep and recovery and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to improve their sleep and ultimately their physical wellbeing.”

PMAC Fitness Professional Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher
Making sleep a priority:
Peter Maciver - PMac Fitness, personal trainer and yoga teacher

Before using SleepHub®, for years PMac struggled to get a good night’s sleep. He naturally wakes very early and he’s physically active all day. In his own words – his quality of sleep before using SleepHub was ‘terrible’.

“I haven’t slept properly in about 5 or 6 years. Since I started using SleepHub, my attitude to sleep has changed and I’ve implemented other tips like leaving my phone out of my bedroom and prioritising my sleep routine. I like that SleepHub helps me to get my 8 hours. My sleep is better than when I first started, and that's a massive difference. If you get a 100% rested PMac there's no stopping me!” - @PMacFitness

After using my SleepHub® for just one month these are the benefits PMac noticed:

👉🏾Increased energy during the day
👉🏾Improved sleep quality
👉🏾Clear mind before bed because I leave my phone outside so I’m not scrolling mindlessly
👉🏾I wake up feeling rested!

PMac added, “I know what you’re thinking.... is it possible for me to have any more energy? The answer is YES. I’m using my time more effectively now and working on improving myself even more. The sleep sounds they’ve created are scientifically made to improve the quality of your sleep and my favourite soundscape is the ocean sound.”

You can watch the ‘How to get better sleep’ IGTV Q&A with @PMacfitness & Dr Chris Dickson of Cambridge Sleep Sciences here

The SleepHub® Sleeping Modes

If you want to achieve optimised sleep, whether you’re adapting to changing sleep schedules, disrupted sleep patterns or struggling to drift off when you need to, you can find solace in the fact that the right science has been combined with the right technology to help natural sleep occur more easily with SleepHub®. Backed by 10+ years of research and development, SleepHub® has four optimised sleep programmes to suit your lifestyle.

● Deep Sleep
An 8-hour programme including an 18-minute wake-up cycle and fixed alarm time. Ideal if you have a regular schedule which allows for an undisturbed 8-hour rest period.

● Easy Sleep
If you have a career that fits around your sporting lifestyle, you might not have the luxury of being able to get a full eight hours of sleep. Easy Sleep takes you through the optimum sleep pattern for the time period you choose - which can be between 2-8 hours from beginning the programme - through to your chosen alarm time.

● Fall Asleep
Ideal if you struggle to fall asleep, this 2-hour programme guides you into deep sleep, and then turns off whilst you continue to sleep. You can set an optional wake-up alarm for a time of your choice.

● Power Nap
A choice of 30-, 45- and 60-minute programmes, with optional wake-up alarm. Ideal if you need an energising nap, perfect for in between those demanding double training sessions!

 SleepHub Sleep Aid whiteBetter sleep with SleepHub®

SleepHub® is a simple and easy way to improve natural sleep quality.

Using neuroscience and sound technology SleepHub® trains the brain to sleep optimally - all while you sleep!

Created for those who want to improve their sleep for better physical & mental performance.

Backed by 10+ years of scientific research and development and fantastic customer & press reviews.