The science behind a good night’s sleep

Many products are designed to help you mask sleep issues. SleepHub® is a unique sleep device that guides your brain down the forgotten path towards natural sleep. We’ve developed an effective combination of science and technology to combat the causes of poor quality sleep and insomnia. This helps free you from sleep anxiety and the side effects of sleep deprivation which can lead to a range of physical and mental health issues.

SleepHub® guides you through natural sleep cycles

While you sleep, your brain produces waves. As you move through different sleep cycles, the shapes and frequencies of these waves change. Reproducing these waves in the right sequence is the key to encouraging your brain to enter those natural sleep cycles.

SleepHub® helps you to achieve quality sleep through scientifically formulated sounds that use rhythms and pulses to simulate the waves your brain should produce through each sleep cycle.

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Customisable modes to help you sleep

Four modes guide you through a series of sleep cycles to support you throughout the night and imitate your brain’s natural sleep patterns. A variety of soundscapes complement each mode, enabling the brain to relax and find its natural sleep pattern. Essentially, these sounds act as a guide-track for your brain, re-training it to revert to those natural sleep cycles and helping you feel reinvigorated.

The best way to break any bad habit is with repetition of a good one and like any training this can take time. How quickly you experience the results will depend on your own unique sleep journey – tests showed some people report benefits within a few days, whilst others take several weeks. It’s important to continue using your SleepHub® to feel a difference as the more you use it, the better your sleep experience will be.