Scent and sound - the perfect combination to help improve your sleep

When Will Addison - professional rugby player and co-owner of Recover Scents - adopted SleepHub® as part of his sleep routine, a new kinship was formed between our two brands – SleepHub® and Recover Scents.

Will has been using SleepHub® himself for over two months now, and in combination with lighting his Recover Scents SIESTA candle as part of his sleep routine, has been able to optimise his sleep quality.

Will Addison uses SleepHub as part of sleep routine

Will commented on his experience using his SleepHub®
“I'm really enjoying using SleepHub and it's really helping me to implement my sleep routine, which has been fantastic for me so far. I've had more energy in the mornings, I’ve probably felt I can eat better and improve my diet which is an added benefit and it’s meant I can go about my day to day business in a really positive way.”


Will also comments on how using SleepHub and the SIESTA Recover Scents candle in combination as part of your sleep routine can improve sleep. “The Recover Scents and SleepHub partnership is a really a great idea because both products are trying to achieve the same thing in harmony. As athletes and myself look to improve sleep routines, to make it habitual and then lead to a better sleep. You light your candle, then turn on your SleepHub, hopefully it aids people to drift off into an easier sleep and get those key hours in to recover better and perform better as a result.” 

Creating sleep cues with scent and sound

By human nature, the brain responds well to repetition. SleepHub® works by using sound waves that have been scientifically developed to emulate the brain activity that occurs during natural sleep cycles. Through regular and repeated use, SleepHub® helps you form healthy sleeping patterns by re-training your brain to sleep well.

In a similar way, we can stimulate our sense of smell to send messages to our brain. These sensory cues can trigger an action – such as preparing to sleep.

We can create positive associations with familiar smells through repetition. By using an aromatherapy candle, such as Recover Scents SIESTA, as part of your pre-bedtime routine, your brain can quickly adapt to the signal that sleep will follow.

Simply light the SIESTA candle for 60 - 90 minutes before you go to bed and turn your SleepHub® on, you’ll have the perfect combination for enhancing your sleep quality.

Siesta sleep candle recover scents sleephub

About the SIESTA candle

Recover Scents are an exciting brand, causing a stir in the sporting world. They specialise in aromatherapy candles developed for people with active lifestyles to help with recovery, sleep, motivation and stress.

The SIESTA candle has a unique blend of recovery focused aromatherapy ingredients which promote relaxation before you go to bed and enhance sleep quality. Bergamot, vetiver, juniper berry and thyme will help to fight insomnia, reduce tension, stimulate circulation and cleanse and purify the air.

Light the candle for 60 - 90 minutes before you go to bed, as part of your bedtime routine and extinguish before falling asleep.

Perfect for using as part of your pre-bedtime routine, and in combination with SleepHub® sleep aid.


What customers say about the Recover Scents SIESTA candle

I feel sleepy and relaxed in the evenings

I light my Siesta candle for about an hour before I go to bed, in my living room. It definitely helps me relax and feel ready for bed. Often I'm yawning and nodding off on the sofa on the evenings we light it! After using it for almost a month now, I think the repetition of using it means I'm 'conditioned', and as soon as the fragrance wafts through the air my body knows bed will follow soon! it's a really lovely part of my bedtime routine. Highly recommend!
- Vicky, 8th February 2021

Recover Scents Candles Emma Sharples and Will Addison

The Recover Scents story

Recover Scents was created by Emma Sharples and her fiancé Will Addison – professional rugby player for Ulster Rugby and the Irish national team. Inspired by a podcast he’d heard about the importance of sleep, Will tried using a scented candle as a way to relax before going to sleep. When he was away, he found it helped him create a home from home environment and give his brain the sleep cues he needed to help prepare him for sleep.

This sparked Emma’s imagination to explore the idea of creating a product that could actually help the body recover from the common ailments associated with sport and active lifestyles.

Emma began researching, and testing aromatherapy oils for herself. With Will’s wealth of knowledge - having played professional rugby for almost 10 years - and guidance from aromatherapists, they created four unique blends. Each blend serves its own unique purpose and aims to support athletes and those with active lifestyle by reducing recovery time and support in reaching peak performance.

Quality was important to Emma, so she sourced a local candle manufacturer in Bangor, Northern Ireland, where Recover Scents produce their range of 4 aromatherapy blend candles focused on recovery:

  • TRANQUILLO– relieve stress and anxiety
  • SIESTA– enhance sleep quality
  • FRIO– repair mind and muscles
  • CALIENTE– restore motivation

The whole of their first batch of Recover Scents candles sold out in the first few weeks, and have created a buzz both with sports professionals and wellbeing customers alike.

So, without further ado, if you’ve been contemplating investing in your sleep, now is the perfect time to bag yourself - not just a SleepHub® - but an amazing Recover Scents SIESTA candle too.

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