Better Sleep for improving your mental health - restore your sleep with SleepHub®

Better sleep for improving your mental health with SleepHub

Living with anxiety or any other mental health condition can affect how well you sleep. Similarly, not getting enough sleep can impact your mental health and increase your anxiety - It's a viscous circle. SleepHub®, our scientifically developed sleep aid, has been designed to help restore good quality sleep, and in turn aids overall health and wellbeing.

As one scientific paper puts it: ‘sleep disturbances frequently are associated with and can comprise core features of anxiety disorders’. For many, it’s a recurring cycle that can be hard to manage. Getting consistently good sleep is important to your mental health, yet getting to sleep and staying asleep can be a common problem. That’s how using a SleepHub® device can help.

SleepHub for better sleep better mental health


Finding the right sleep aid

Many sleep products, whilst in some cases may offer short term relief, tend to mask sleep issues rather than directly addressing them. SleepHub® aims to directly address sleep issues by retraining your brain to revert to its natural sleep cycles. During a healthy night’s sleep the human brain goes through a series of five different sleep cycles, each lasting approximately 90 minutes. That’s why the optimum amount of sleep for the average adult is 7-8 hours per night.

Sleep better with SleepHub

Getting that coveted 7-8 hours of good quality sleep could make a real difference to your mental health. SleepHub® includes a selection of modes that could be the answer to improving your sleep patterns. Each mode has been scientifically developed to emulate the waves your brain produces through each stage of natural sleep.

In a clinical study carried out on people experiencing insomnia, 92% of participants noticed that the SleepHub® device positively influenced their sleep:

  • How long they slept: Increase in the number of hours slept: 2 hours 35 minutes
  • How long they stayed awake: 1 hour 16 minutes less
  • How often they woke up during the night: 55% decrease in the number of times woken up.

Sleep hub sleep aid

Often sleep can be overlooked when it comes to easing anxiety levels or coping with mental health issues. For some people, sleeplessness could be the root of these issues and for others it can make mental health problems harder to cope with. Using the SleepHub® sleep aid, which combines science and technology to restore your natural sleep patterns, could make all the difference.

Re-discovering a healthy sleep pattern

Backed by 10+ years of research and development, SleepHub® has four optimised sleep modes to suit your lifestyle.

For users who struggle to get a full night of healthy, restorative sleep, Deep Sleep mode could make all the difference. This helps the brain to find its natural patterns for a full eight hours so users can get the optimum amount of sleep required, which could contribute to improved mental wellbeing.

However, it can be difficult to achieve the optimum amount of sleep if you’re leading a busy lifestyle and dealing with mental health issues. If you can’t afford a full eight hours of sleep, SleepHub® has an Easy Sleep mode that tailors the length of the sleep cycles to however many hours you have available to sleep. Simply set the number of hours of sleep you want to achieve, press start and then wake-up at the alarm time of your choice.

Better sleep for improved mental health with SleepHub

Successfully switching off

A fractured or stressful lifestyle can often be a contributor to mental health issues, and may cause sleeping problems or make existing problems worse. Plus, if you’re struggling with stress or anxiety, it can be a challenge to simply switch off and get to sleep in the first place.

If this sounds familiar, the SleepHub® Fall Asleep mode could provide the support you need. A two-hour programme, Fall Asleep mode helps guide you into a deep sleep.

When mental health or anxiety issues impact your nightly sleep, a nap during the day could help you get at least a bit of the rest you need. The SleepHub® Power Nap mode can help, allowing you to choose from a restorative 30, 45 or 60 minute nap.

    Better sleep for better mental health with SleepHub


    Better sleep with SleepHub®
    SleepHub®is a simple and easy way to improve natural sleep quality.
    Using neuroscience and sound technology SleepHub® trains the brain to sleep optimally - all while you sleep!
    Created for those who want to improve their sleep for better physical & mental performance.
    Backed by 10+ years of scientific research and development and fantastic customer & press reviews.