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60-day Sleep Guarantee - Terms and Conditions


 60-day sleep guarantee (the “Guarantee”)


The terms of this Guarantee, and how you can go about making a claim under it, are set out below:

1. The Guarantee applies to any SleepHub® device (the “SleepHub®”) purchased from Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd. (“we”/”us”/”our”) via (an “eligible purchase”), and applies for a period of 60 days from the date we ship the SleepHubTM to you (the “guarantee period”).


2. In order to benefit from the Guarantee for the guarantee period, you must register your eligible purchase within 14 days of date of purchase by completing the registration form at Please note, only accurately completed and duly submitted registration forms will be accepted and subsequently registered.


3. We hope you love your SleepHub® and, in order to test its effectiveness for you, we ask that you trial it for at least thirty days before submitting a claim under the Guarantee. You can of course return it at any point sooner than that in accordance with your legal rights but we ask that you give yourself at least thirty days to assess the benefit.


4. If you are not satisfied, you may submit a claim under the Guarantee by completing and submitting the claim form at at any time prior to the expiry of the guarantee period. Please note, only accurately completed and submitted Guarantee claim forms will be accepted and processed.


5. Once a Guarantee claim form has been accepted, you must return your SleepHub® in accordance with the instructions at and:
a. for UK (excluding Northern Ireland) customers, use the pre-paid label which will be emailed to you as set out at You must dispatch your return to us within 14 days of your receipt of the pre-paid label;
b. for customers in Northern Ireland, your SleepHub® will be collected. You will be contacted by email by our customer services team to arrange a suitable date for collection;
c. For non-UK customers, please email us at for direction.
All SleepHub® returns must be in “as-new” condition (i.e. complete with all cables/accessories, unscratched/unmarked) and in its original packaging.


6. If you have any questions, please contact us at or visit the Help page at


7. Your SleepHub® remains your responsibility until your return is received by us. If you believe your SleepHub® may not have been received by us within seven days of your dispatch, please contact us at so we can investigate.             


8. Upon receipt of the authorised return of your SleepHub®, it will be quality checked to ensure that it has been returned in the condition set out at point 5 above. If it passes this quality check, your claim will be approved and we will authorise your refund to the account nominated by you in your Guarantee claim form.  This refund will be made within 30 days of our approval of your claim under the Guarantee.         


9. In the event that your SleepHub® is not returned in the condition set out in point 5 above, your claim under the Guarantee will be rejected. You may receive a partial refund or no refund depending on the condition of the SleepHub® we receive and whether we can recondition or reuse parts of it.


10. Please note, for fraud prevention purposes we will only process refunds for claims made by the original purchaser, and we reserve the right to challenge or, if required, refuse a claim under the Guarantee for any lawful reason. We (and, where relevant, our payment agent) may take any reasonable action necessary to protect ourselves against fraudulent or invalid claims under the Guarantee. This process may involve us sharing your information with third parties.  Any personal data processed under this Guarantee will be processed in line with our Privacy Policy (found at:


11. Each purchaser of a SleepHub® is entitled to one registration and, if registered (and if conducted in compliance with these terms), one claim under the Guarantee. We reserve the right to refuse to honour repeat claims under the Guarantee.


12. In the event that your SleepHub® is faulty, you may either return as set out in our terms and conditions of sale which you can find on our website at If you have any questions on this, please contact


13. This Guarantee shall be governed by English Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.